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Meet Tricia

Tricia's upbringing revolved around memorable culinary experiences and family traditions, sparking her love for cooking back when she was just a child. She catered throughout her college career, pursuing degrees in art history and business. Her culinary journey reached new heights during her time in Europe, where she immersed herself in diverse culinary arts. After a decade and a half in the corporate world, she made the bold decision to transition into a full-time chef career. Tricia honed her skills at the French Culinary Institute and apprenticed under renowned chefs. Throughout her life, cooking for loved ones remained a central focus.. Her deep appreciation for the arts, coupled with her culinary passion and commitment to preserving tradition, motivated her to establish Everyday Gourmet in 2003. After 21 years, you can still find her little shop in the heart of Mount Pleasant boasting a delightful array of dips, casseroles, dinner specials, desserts, wines, and art.

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