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Good morning everyone. .We hope you've had a nice holiday season and Christmas. We'll be closed the whole month of January but before we do we want to prepare Hoppin' John and Collard Greens for us all.

For those not familiar with the tradition of serving  this every year on January 1st it's a delicious and hearty soup made with black-eyed peas (significant of coins) served with rice along with lots of sauteed Collard Greens.(significant of green dollar bills).and a slice of cornbread for gold. It's a tradition thought to bring a prosperous new year filled with good luck. And if there's any leftovers for the next day it's called 'Skippin' Jenny'.


We're offering this for $12/person/serving. The minimum order is for six. All orders must be in by the end of the day December 28 and pickup will be on January 30. I will give the pickup time upon your order.

So please either respond to this email or call in your order and we'll get back with you.

Thank you, Tricia

Call us at 388-2490 for all special or large orders.  Food is freshly prepared daily and ready for you to pick up and reheat at your convenience.  Supper specials are plated individually and priced at $16.99 per person. Order four of the same meal for $56, a 20% savings.


We also have a selection of prepared casseroles, side dishes, desserts, appetizers,....


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